How to create Single-page app using membership function?

Hi everyone,
I want to create single-pages app in Webflow. Basically my SPAs are pages with video embedded, the user can see only one video at a time and need to finish a video to see the next one.

I saw webflow membership features to create gated pages with authentification, so I’d like to build my whole webapp in Webflow.

Does anyone have found a way to do SPA in Webflow?
P.S : i’m not a developper, so building my SPAs in a server and push it through the browser is not something I’ll be confortable with.

Hi @jeremygiraud :wave: welcome to the forum.

Attempting to build a spa without being a developer will be challenging. There is nothing in Webflow today that allows you to do specifically that.

But… the soon to be coming feature that is Webflow DevLink may help with that. But again, as the name implies, you’d need to understand some level of development.

Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you.

The basic concept of what you’re trying to do is pretty straightforward, but since you’re building an app, there’s definitely coding involved.

There are two main pieces you need, at a minimum;

  1. The AJAX navigator, that retrieves the next video and player html/js.
  2. The script that detects/triggers when a video has been completely watched.

Some of your options here depend on what video platform and player you’re using. I’ve scripted Youtube players before, but you’ll really only get a “video done” event. Wistia has much better tracking, and can tell you what % has actually been watched, however I’m not certain if that info is accessible by client-side script.

If you really want to avoid code, and your primary goal is to chain the videos together, I’d recommend you look at hosting them on Wistia and then having a navigation frame at the end of each video, pointing to the next one. It doesn’t need to be an SPA< you’d just have each video know what the next one is, and direct the user there when they click continue.