How to create Responsive Dots between inline words/links

Hey Guys, pls help me. I dont know how to create Dot Spacing between words/links/blocks which goes inline, it should be responsive and remove dots at the end and the start of every line.

Here is an example:

Thank You

Can you please share a read-only with us? There are several ways to accomplish that but everything depend on your specific situation…(For example…is this happening through a collection list?)

All Links are individual Text Links and between each of them is a Div 5px width and hight and Radius 50%.
All of that is wrapped in a fixed size width Div.

I hope this helps

Yes it would look as should until you change wight of the screen and some links will have dots at the end. I want Dots be removed at the start and the end of Wrapper div.

Can you tell, How would it be done for collection list? I think it’s harder right, because collection items cant be styled