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How to create portfolio page and get a job?

hmmm… I’m not sure that I’ve posted it in correct category, so please don’t argue :wink:
So, the question is how to create portfolio, I mean what kind of webpages present to make an impression of high qualified web designer?
Also, I’m interesting how to represent myself on the site, what information post there etc. If you have those experience please give me an advice.

I’d buy one of the portfolio templates on webflow and simply add your information. There are quite a few options here

I’d also recommend watching a bunch of the tutorial videos over at to familiarize yourself with Webflow if you are just getting started.

Good Luck!

@PixelGeek have talked about this a couple of times, here’s one video to look at.

This topic is very hard in multiple ways. I think most of us designers have a difficult way to make something for our self. It’s easier to make something for others. The clients are very different too, some of them maybe likes a portfolio thats stands out and you get picked because of that. Some maybe just don’t care about how your portfolio looks and just want too see what you can do, what have you done in the past and so on.

I think the most imported thing is to be personal and somehow represent your self. That way there will be no surprises when you are in contact with clients.

Ask you friends and family what makes you speciel, whats your super powers and so on. Think about what they say try thinking how you could present that on your portfolio. Try your designs out and ask for honest opinions.

There were a great video with two girls that started a business together(can’t find it now) and they made a really nice site that shows who they really are.

I think a client is interested in to what you can do, so show what you have done. I also think that some clients can be interested in how you did things. Did you you have a tight time schedule, did you start of with sketches, was it a redesign, and things like that.

Anyway good luck to you and post your site here on the forum and you will get feedback from us :grinning:


The first part in this one is also great and will make you think about things in a different way, maybe =)

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FYI I am not a webdesigner, but I love Design.

  • Make a website that’s standing out in the crowed, make it you’re own and use you’re skills to give attention. Use the right Images and Words! You’re website is part of your portfolio :slight_smile: .
  • Make the website without troubles, make shure it workes! (yes, I really run into this sometimes)
  • For me with the eyes of a potential client (I’m a creative artist) you’re style of design is very important, but for some other business maybe not (for example a bank or HRM agency). The portfolio really counts, potential clients want to stand out in the crowed too!
  • You’re skills are important to, but first you have to catch a client, so he’s interessested to know more about you. Realise that most of the (smaller) clients don’t have a clue about developping a website.

Hope this little advice helps you further, grtzz Corine

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Another suggestion is to constantly grow and evolve in more advanced web design and development. What I do is stay constantly active on this Forum which in return helps me and my brand get out there more as well as learn new constant skills and help others learn skills that I have learned. Hope this helps.:wink::grinning::blush:

^^^ 100% yes to that. When people you work with notice your work ethics, they’ll start to recommend you to friends. As long as you’re consistent and always pumping out great work with great ethics, they’ll tell more friends and so on.

Good luck! :smiley: