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How to create options with radio buttons? Choosing one doesn't work!

Hi everyone!

In my contact form I have 5 options, and I would like the user to select one of them. You can now select all of them, but not de-select them.

How can I make choosing one of 5 options a requirement? I tried the dropdown select function but you unfortunately cannot change the background.

I’ve attached a link (desktop view only). Any insights would be great :pray:


Here is my public share link:

Hi, you only uploaded your subdomain link, can you please create a public share link How to Enable a Webflow Share Link

Hey DFink, this should work now

Ha, learned something today. So you need to simply name the group name in the settings for all the buttons the same. Apparently the html only lets you select 1 button with the same group name. I’m not sure how that will end up on the other end of the form though. Try that while keeping the value as it is and see if the form still looks as it should when you get your email.

Once you get that working you can get rid of the select one text and just write type or something like that instead :slightly_smiling:

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That did the trick! :smile:

Glad to help! Does the form look the same in the emails?

It does indeed. If you label the group of radio buttons as “box ticked” with options a,b,c your email will look like:

“box ticked: b”

Thanks again, I couldn’t figure this out for ages!

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