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How to create new website that has tab of a last version of it

Hi there guys. My company is hosting an event that already has webflow based site running for the previous version of event. So they want me to use it as a base for the same event that will be held next year. They want the site to have the same domain, to look the same, but they want it to have new tab for last years site. Here is the site, so basically they want the last version to be on the same site, on a domain like this, like a new tab or something. Can you help me out on this one, how can i do it? I’m a designer with no knowledge of the code so any help will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Hi, so it’s not going to be too difficult. Basically, you have to move the 2018’s site structure and create a new one for the new edition.

  1. create a page that willbe the new homepage (homepage of the site and 2019 edition)
  2. on page settings, click the “Make Homepage” button to make this new page the new home
  3. create a folder named 2018
  4. one by one, move every page of the 2018 edition to the 2018 folder. You’re going to be warned each time you move a page, just accept and continue

Now all that’s left it to design the new 2019 homepage and add as many pages as you need.


You may want to reuse the 2018 site for 2019 edition. In that case, duplicate all the pages before moving the originals inside of the 2018 folder. Be careful when you’ll edit elements, if they have the same class then modifications will impact both editions pages.

Thank you very much, I did it and i’m into editing now. Thanks once again!

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What would be the best SEO practice in this scenario, or Yikes! On on 301 redirects!