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How to create more pages on webflow?

Hi., Dear.

  1. I’m learning webflow and want to create a portfolio to find a job for Webflow Requirements.
  2. I’m unable to create morethan 2 webpages currently.
  3. Is there a way for me to have an account that enables me to create a portfolio.

if any alternative .,please guide me…

To actually help answer the question…

To create more than two pages on a site with Webflow, you’ll need to have an account plan or a hosting plan for the site.

is it any trail period available?

You are effectively already on the trial.

Sorry Dear, what is pm, I did not understand.,
Please explain elaboratly

Because this post is in the Freelance & Jobs category people will send you PMs (private messages) to try and get the business - but on this occasion, they didn’t actually read the question and see if you were trying to employ somebody’s services.

Hi @vardhan143,
you need to have an account or site plan to be able to create more pages. I moved your question to Publishing Help, Editor, because it is more relevant.
My advice, don’t use the Freelance / Jobs topic.

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