How to create links to anchors in the tab bar

Guys, hello, I don’t understand how to create links to anchors in the tab bar:
Look, now the first tab is active, everything that lies on a dark background → the content of the second tab, and when you click on the word, you should go to the next tab, and scroll to the selected section
How to do it?

Hi Kirill, you’ll need to share your readonly project link-

Share a read-only link | Webflow University.


So the purpose of the tab component is to separate content into panels.
When you click "Information architecture, that panel would contain only the content for Information architecture. Same for User stories, Cust Dev, etc.

Currently you have most of your content in most of the tabs, so when you switch you’re not seeing a change. That’s a lot of content duplication and not what a tab element is designed for.

Tabs provide a content-swap UX.
If what you want instead is a scrolling navigation UX, then you don’t want a tab element, you want simply want your content as ID’d sections, and then links that scroll to sections.

I don’t understand which syntax I should use

Both approaches are fine, it depends on what you want.

So I should use the link element?
If so, then I don’t understand how to make the tab bar switch to the research section. In the link, I specify the anchor, and the page remains at the same level, if I didn’t go to the right tab, if I’m in the research tab, everything works as it should