How to create left sidebar

I like this layout. Having the navigation on the side. I created once section and then placed columns in that but the left column can’t be adjusted because webflow auto handles the %. I’m a newbie in understanding this. Thanks for any thoughts. Here is the layout I am talking about

use DIV block 15% left float
use DIV block 85% left float

then within the second div block build your page as usual

Cheers !

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This is a full section page with 2 columns inside and div with fixed position on left as a menu with transparent value for background.

Bartek is right, the nav on the left is a fixed Block element. Here’s how you would build something like it:

Awesome, this worked out great Thank you!!!

Sorry I just have a question on the right hand side content. How do I set it up? I’m really new to this…

How do I make my right hand side panel to live right next to my nav?

float: right;

why doesnt this work with the prebuild navigation?

navmenu type: over right

click on tablet view, click on menu button, settings, open menu, click on nav menu, give it class “nav menu”, width 100px and nothing happens, it stays at 200px

what do i do wrong?