How to create dynamic anchor links

Does anyone know how to create dynamic anchor links.

I want to scroll to a specific part of the page with an anchor link created dynamically like a nav bar.

Unfortunately I can’t show a preview read only link for this request.

Hey Aaron, did you ever get this working with a non-native workaround? I’m looking for that solution right now for a blog page that requires a table of contents of the post.

Hey @magicmark I didn’t sorry, I had an idea but I don’t know if that will solve your request.

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Toc. Works nice. Read the docs her:

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Sorry @aaronocampo I missed you repsonse. Yes, be good to let me know if you may have a solution? I can always try it.

I’ll take a look @Siton_Systems thank you for sharing, although that looks way over my head at this stage! :laughing: