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How to create columns with different spans


I am trying to understand if it is possible to apply the column span property through webflow’s panel, but I haven’t find it.
Is it possible to set 12 columns in one div and set other divs with different column span?


You can have 1 grid-column wide columns, but you can only have 6 columns maximum for a given ROW widget.

Adjust the width of the columns from the Settings tab.

If you need 12 columns you can maybe line up 2 ROW Widgets of 6 columns. Activate the grid for a better understanding of the ROW widget.

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Thanks a lot Vincent!

Is there also a way to adjust the gap between each column?

No, as you can see when I activate the grid at a moment, the gap is the grid’s gap and thus can’t be changed.

You can however put a div in each cell and give padding to this div. That’s the good practice.

Avoid at all cost giving class names to the columns of the row widget and give them style. Always try to add styl to an inner div. You’ll run into much less trouble.

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