How to create collection only for homepage?

On my homepage I have a list for the prices to rent an apartment for a specific date. I would like to give the client the possibility to add new dates and prices whenever he wants.

I would like to create a collection only for using it on the homepage. I don’t want that Webflow creates a collection page for each item, cause I only need it on the homepage. Is it possible to create a collection without Webflow creating the Collection pages?

Thank’s for helping out!

If you don’t link to or search index a collection item/template then no one would be able to get to an item detail page. You would have to know the collection-slug/item-slug paths.

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So I would only have to check the option Exclude these pages from site search results ?

If you used search on the site then yes, and don’t link to items. You can also set robots.txt to restrict indexing the collection to keep collection items out of the search index since they are often included in the autogenerated sitemap.

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