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How to create cartoon for my website

Hello Guys
I want to know how can i create cartoon or animation for my website to explain some process like how the thing work.
I also want to know like if I want to show a cartoon holding a laptop how can in that laptop I can show my current website.
please have a look at this cartoon this is holding laptop and in that website is visible how can I create something like that

Any help will be appreciated


You can plce large elements in smaller elements and allow for scrolling using the overflow: properties in Webflow.

Go down the page here and see how you can scroll in the fake browsers:

You can duplicate this site from here to see how it works:

Hi Vincet

Thanks for the reply

But how will I create the cartoon may be you know some other website and after that I put that on my webflow project?

Try Crazy Talk (Facial Animation Software) from Reallusion software.

They have “cartoon packs” you can purchase… or you can animate your own photos… using your own voice.

Trial Download

They also have full body animation software.

Free Trial:

Version Comparison Chart of Crazy Talk:

Here’s their About Us page.

They started off (and still do) produce 3D Animation for the movie industry. Their tools are mainly for professionals… though the lower-end tools can be used by non-cinematic people.

I worked with this company several years ago. And I have used their software to create “triaining video / lessons” for clients.

You can also try this software… I own it as well… though it is not nearly as powerful.

The “cartoon” you have in your post - can be purchased… I just don’t remember the company or link.

Thank you so much for the help