How to create built-in menu categories and subcategories on a page

Hi All,

I’m glad to join your community. My name is Liubov and I started creating website with Webflow, just started learning, as I’m not a web-designer, but a translator ))

Anyway! I want to do this! To succees and I DO need your help now!

I need to build quite simple page as it looks, but can’t find any information about how to do it.
I need to built menu categories and subcategories, with no redirecting on a separate page when clicking on them,but showing information on the same page.

It looks like on this page:

Please, help!

Thank you in addvance!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hello @Liuba

You can do that adding the element ‘dropdown’ in your navigation bar and adding a CMS collection into the ‘dropdown list’, something like this:

Thank you!
Tell me, please:

  1. If I create my website on webflow, is it possible to connect it to another hosting and domain, bought at another company?
  2. My website has to function in Ukraine . Is webflow good for this purpose?

Thanks in advance!

Yeah you can add any domain to your Webflow project. If you want to use the CMS you have to host your project in Webflow but you can point only the front end to Webflow and host everything else in your hosting service following this instructions:

If you need more information about Webflow hosting you can take a look at this article:

and here:

And you can contact Webflow Support team in your hosting tab of your project:

My Godness, so much information to learn, never didit before, don’tknow what most abrreviations mean)))) As I understood from your words, anyway I have to buy hosting at Webflow (“you can point only the front end to Webflow”) and them buy another hosting (" host everything else in your hosting service"). It means to pay twice? :smiley: Sorry for my unawareness…

Depending on what do you need with your project you will need different services (hosting, email, etc) If you want to host your site on Webflow you’ll get the features I posted on the link earlier, if not you can as well and host it just in your own hosting service (you don’t have some features like CMS this way) but it’s an option.

Hi Aaronocampo

Can you please share the working link of the example you shared before. Sweet Little Babies | Baby Products | Nursery Ideas It seems like this site is no longer working.