How to create an introduction page in Webflow

Hi, I just got into webflow and am currently developing my portfolio. While creating the sections on my site there was something else I wanted to do but I am a little confused on how to do this. It’s two things. I want to create the introduction page, like a page where the user sees an interaction element, clicks on it and enters the home page.

The second question is, how do I develop my own interactions to place on this page. From what I understand so far, the interaction menu is to assign an interactive function on what elements are already on the page?

Are there programs I can use that allow direct export and placing on webflow?
I am currently using Figma.

Maybe you can get some ideas with this template.

I just cloned the site, but I am not sure how to start. How could I use or modify the interaction elements and place it on my site, in fact also how does one even get started to create a simple animation for my splash screen.

Also, with so much cross software use in making animations, is it not possible to use Figma to create and design an interaction element, then just export that into webflow?