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How to create a wavy scroll line interaction?

Hello, I am trying to create a curved line animation as the page scrolls.

I am looking to recreate something like the curved line animation you can see here: (acting as a page break between sections)

Mine will be fixed to the right-hand side of the screen - kind of like a page scroll indicator.

I currently have an illustration, with a transparent background, in the right place as you can see here in my read only link:
(it appears my share link doesn’t show my interactions which is weird… but you can still see the fixed curved line at the right hand side of the viewport)

Does anybody have any advice on how this can be created in the webflow designer? Or have any custom javascript that would work?

Thank you.

I’ve looked all over webflow and not found anything to help - I imagine others have the same problem. Please someone help!

Hello @Storm_WB,

I could not see any curved line at the viewport could you take a picture of your navigator with the curved lined selected? and of the curved line on the viewport? Have you tried making your curved line in after effects and then turn it into a lottie animation?