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How to create a vertically -entered, full-page nav bar?

Hello there!

I wonder how to create a full-page, vertically centered nav bar? I tried “width 100%” and “fixed-full” on the nav menu, but the nav link wouldn’t vertically centered in the middle of the page despite I tried top&bottom margin “auto”. I also tried using a flex box and got it vertical-centered aligned within the flex box, but I can’t set it in the middle of the page.

Anybody got ideas on how to achieve this?

Here is my link:

Like this?

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YES!! Interesting that I need to set the div to full as well, wow thanks!!!

hmmmmmmmmmmm somehow after I created this, and I click preview, the menu is gone…any idea why this happen?

I deleted the nav element and rebuild it and solved! Somehow…no idea but all good now :smiley:

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