How to Create A Vertical Accordion

I really like the dropdown in this WordPress theme and I want to get something similar in my Webflow site. I tried to do it by adding a dropdown and adding a p in the droplist but I couldn’t get the result I wanted.

Dropdowns at the right side, starting with “Why Biz?”

@esezen, the element you are talking about isn’t a mega menu, it’s a vertical accordion.

See how I made it in Webflow: Page called: Accordion - Vertical

Live site:

You can see a breakdown of how it’s done here:

Hope this is what you are looking for.

Good luck,
Anna K


Hello Anna, thanks a lot for your quick answer. I cannot see the first link, it is redirecting me to 404. Second link is exactly what I wanted. And also thanks for the code explanation.

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Welcome @esezen

I fixed the preview link, too.

Good Luck

I just completed creating the accordion on my page. I can’t thank you enough.

Have great day

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So glad to help :blush:

Eager to see the final website! Don’t forget to share it under show and tell once you’re done.

Best of luck,
Anna K

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