How to create a subdomain from user input?

I want to have a textbox that the user will enter some sort of value, and upon clicking submit it creates a link for them to a new subdomain of the website. Is there a way to do that?

Pretty complex, depends by your domain registrant and where you will host the new website that needs to be compiled

Wouldn’t the website be hosted on webflow?

You can’t create new projects programmatically with webflow and neither attach a domain with the APIs. So no, the subprojects cannot be hosted on Webflow

What exactly do you want at the subdomain link?

If you’re pointing to a google doc, a dropbox folder, etc, you’d can create that with an automation process that is triggered when your user submits the form and supplies the subdomain name. However that part would be entirely outside of Webflow.

As Pietro commented, you won’t be able to automate the creation of new sites on Webflow hosting, but that would cost you about $20/per site anyway. If you’re trying to create something like… a digital business card, you can automate that part as a template and some back-end data source, and host it somewhere cheap.

It all depends what you’re trying to accomplish.

There MIGHT even be a possibility to setup a wildcard domain on Webflow, however you’d need to figure out the DNS and SSL complexities of that with Webflow’s support team. IF that were possible, then e.g. could point to your main site, and you could potentially load certain content based on that subdomain and some script.