How to create a sticky, floating footer?

My goal is to make a sticky footer that’s always at the bottom of the mobile viewport (like mobile). How can I accomplish this?

Hi Steve,

To achieve a footer which sticks to the bottom of the viewport on mobile, you are going to want to select the footer that you’ve made and set its position to Fixed.

Make sure to do this on the biggest breakpoint that you want this change to apply to as the changes will be applied to all the smaller breakpoints. If you only want it to apply to the mobile portrait then simply make the changes to your footer while on the mobile portrait breakpoint.

Here is a Webflow University video on positioning. I have timestamped it to the chapter about Fixed positioning

I hope that helps!


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Tyler, just adding that it’s best to apply the change to the default breakpoint which is the one with the star. From there it will propagate downward to the smaller breakpoints and also upward to the larger breakpoints.

@memetican, Ah yes the larger breakpoints (larger than the default), I forgot about those. Thanks for adding that!