How to create a site for a client and keep admin access + earn a fee from their hosting plan (like Shopify)


I have created a site for my client inside my webflow account, now it’s time for them to pay a plan and link a custom domain.

Shopify has a feature where you can transfer the site, keep admin access and earn a commission from their monthly/annual fee.

Honestly, if Webflow does not has this feature it will be A HUGE set back for me to keep designing websites here, I will have to keep recommending Shopify and WordPress :frowning:

Here is my site Read-Only:

Webflow does not have this feature anymore. You could bill the client (hosting and upcharge) and manage them under your account but that makes you responsible for hosting. The only alternative I can see would be to use the affiliate program, but you might need to double check those terms. More info about workspaces and plans can be found on the site. If you have more questions let us know.


Thanks, what I did is canceling the hosting plan, transfer the site to them and reach out webflow support so they could manually add the hosting back to them. #LessonLearned