How to create a scrolling collection like this?

Hi all, I’ve been asked to create a scrolling News section that basically replicates the “School Happenings” section on this site: It’s about 3/4 the way down on the page. My client wants a news section that adds the newest news item on the left and the older news items get pushed to the right. It would show 4 at a time on desktop and fewer on mobile.

I assume I would have to create a collection to do this but my question is…do I start with a slider? How best to set up four items that show text when hovered over like this sample? I made a screen recording here so you can see exactly the behavior I need to replicate:

Any guidance is welcome! Sorry for the noob question.

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Hi @mick.wieland
You have probably figured this out by now…
You can make dynamic collection sliders in webflow and filter/ sort collection (Date Updated, Published etc) Webflow currently registers an extra “ghost” slide when any slides are using conditional display but that can be fixed by adding custom code, See below
Dynamic Collection sliders in webflow with conditional formatting
How to add custom Code