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How to create a "scattered" CMS grid design

I’m currently designing the above blog. It’s got a sticky title (“It’s Alive!”) in the background, with floating CMS elements above.

Is it possible to create a loose “scattered” layout like this using CMS collections?
I’m hoping there’s a smarter way to build this than having to add design elements manually each time I upload a new post.

Additionally would something like this play complete havoc with an infinite scroll feature?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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hi Andrew,

Seems to me you make ‘it’s alive’ fixed on screen (center/middle, z-level 0 relative to the body or a 100vh section ) and then have a new section on top with a grid, higher z-level, with divs containing each CMS entry)?

I’ve used the grid and it’s super powerful, especially to work out each element positioning across screen sizes…

Hope this helps!

Tutorial for position properties:

Tutorial for grid: