Streaming live at 10am (PST)

How to create a membership website on Webflow

I’ll be live streaming on my personal YouTube channel this Wednesday at 9pm (Pacific).

@DuncanHamra and @belltyler have created the beginning of something amazing. See you in the live chat!


Awesome! Can’t wait :webflow_heart: 6AM for me hahaha


Let’s gooooooooo :grin: :grin: :grin:



Oh nice! Will this cover:

  1. User Membership view purchase history (ecommerce)?
  2. User Membership to post on a board (Web Forum)?
  3. User Membership Google Auth / Facebook Auth / Email Auth / Token Auth?
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  1. No
  2. No
  3. No

To be clear, this is not an official Webflow stream nor a Webflow feature. It is a third-party platform that @DuncanHamra and @belltyler created.

We’ll show you how to setup a site from scratch, show you how to clone a fully functional membership template in less than a minute, and answer all your questions!

I don’t know any dad jokes, but it’ll still be worth tuning in :grin:

Looking forward to this. :slight_smile:

Just wondering, is the platform still in beta?



Hi Teresa! You can signup right now. Just head over to to create a free account.


Hello @DuncanHamra ! Do you plan to add different languages ?

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Hi Mathieu!

We do have plans for this. We’re going to let users create their own translations. Not sure when it’ll be ready, but it’s on our to-do.


will i be able to let people who sign in to put favorite cms collections or history of orders? how does this help with a net store built in wf using CMS collection and Foxy checkout?

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Such a great live stream and a great Webflow tool.

Question : can I show unique individual content to each user? I have someone that’s been looking for their own client portal, so when a client logs in, they can see content that is specific to THEM and them only.

IE show a spreadsheet that’s unique to them or a pdf.

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Hi Faisal! Every integration looks a little different. If you like to start a chat here in the forums or via email with some more information about your site I’m happy to explain how MemberStack can help. We’ve proven it’s possible to favorite CMS items but requires some custom code. We’d like to integrate with other e-commerce solutions such as Foxy, but need to work out the kinks in our own platform first.

@Bradpaulp Good news! We’re working on that feature right now. You’ll be able to create an entire page and only that user will be able to access it. You can use CMS pages to automate a lot of the setup process or make entirely unique pages.

Thanks for your reply, yes we can have a chat via email, but do you think that I can have membership that allows users to save their history of orders or see special collections or prices, or to make favorite products (cms collections)?

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@Faisal_Ram If you know a bit of javascript everything you described is possible. If you don’t know any js, MemberStack will still let you show and hide special collections and prices, and members are able to view their membership payment history.

Hope this helps!