How to create a live daily schedule that changes everyday?


So I am doing a Muslim website.
Muslims have the ‘Ramadan’ prayer times that are different in any temple/location.
Also, the times are different every single day.
This is an example from another website.

Is there to achieve this in any form of code or plugin?
I am thinking about if there is a plugin that allows me can enter the “times” database for the whole month. Then the prayer times appear as such sort of scheduled time.

Is there a scheduling/ daily calendar (no booking, just show the time) plugin that may support doing this?

Or is there another way to achieve this?


We’re you able to find a solution for this?

You will need to create a collection where each collection item is a new day containing the start and end times. You will then schedule each item to publish on the corresponding days.

Hi there - I’m working on a similar project and was wondering how you solved for this. Did you end up using a plugin? Any guidance would be helpful. Thanks.

Would also love to know if you found a solution to this