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How to create a fully automated job board using Webflow and other no-code tools

Hi there Webflow community :wave: !

As someone who is in web development for years and building sites from scratch instead of using no-code tools, Webflow was such a pleasant discovery for me. I love all the possibilities that it gives me, it saves me some time, it’s fun to work with and it’s very flexible. It feels good to take a rest a bit from writing code. :grin:

Since I am using it daily now, and finding useful other people’s posts I decided to share some of my Webflow experience as well. Sharing is caring!

I made this tutorial on how you can create a job board website using only no-code tools. First I will scrape jobs from another job board, then list those jobs on my Webflow website and schedule the process to update the site with new jobs once a day.

For getting the jobs data, I will use Automatio, which is a very powerful no-code web automation and data extraction tool. It allows you to create bots visually and without writing a single line of code.

Other tools that I will use in this guide are Google Sheets and Zapier.

You can read the full tutorial here:

Let me know what are your thoughts on this :sunglasses:

I would also like to hear if you ever built a job board and what was your process, which tools you used, etc?

Stay well guys! :+1: