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How to create a form funnel

I want to build a funnel to collect leads and asking for price quotation.

In the first form funnel (page named “Richiesta Quotazione”) I collect only essential info such as email and name. Then I’ll send the user to a second form (page named “Richiesta Quotazione Dettagli”) to collect more info about the quotation.
I want to collect all data in one form entry, in order to avoid sending 2 mail to the customer, and send only one email.

Need some advice to build the funnel:

how can I pass data through the two forms?

  1. URL query:
    I made a first test with url query, but I think this can cause privacy issue with GDPR.
  2. LocalStorage:
    I want to use it localStorage, but don’t know how to save form data and eventually use them only in the second form or in the page to personalized the screen.
  3. CMS
    Can be convenient to storage the first form data and then use it on the second?

Thank you in advice.
Here my web site.