How to create a "digital manual" with copy that advances

I need to create a page / prompt (?) where the user clicks to advance the copy as if a “digital manual” guide. I’m sure I am not phrasing this correctly and could use some help on what to search for.

For example upon load an overlay box says “Before we begin, you need this app (link)”. User clicks Next button and a second page of text is updated, and then possibly “Continue” to close it. The rest of the site is then viewable.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

(Example Page for context)

There are a few ways to do this. Are you looking to make the whole site interact like a paginated book or just the popup from the initial load?

Either way, it’s possible to do it natively in Webflow. But depending on what you specifically need, custom code may be necessary.

You can check these examples out from Webflow’s showcase:

Thanks so much for replying and sharing links. The last example is probably closest to what I’m trying to achieve. I think it would be helpful if I built visual mockups to outline the goal. Once I have these I will share here.

Basically it is a series of text slides saying “1. download this app.” click next slide. “2. keep phone vertical.” next slide. “3. tbd”

If that clarifies chime in, otherwise I’ll share visual refs as soon as I’m able.