How to create a Custom ZIP configurator

Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to create something like this:

Basically, I would need to create such a configurator.
Initially, I thought it would be enough for me to take photos of all possible configurations and then dynamically view them via JQuery.

The problem arises from the fact that the possible configurations are in the order of tens of thousands and therefore it becomes quite expensive in terms of time.

Does anyone know if there are any online tools that can be integrated with webflow to do something like this?

Any help would be highly appreciated :sweat_smile:

I cannot say I’m expert on this but I’ve worked on 1 project that was heavy on customization, it was for shirt and it was not a Webflow project.

First of all I do not know any online tools, I believe for such requirements it has to be custom developed.

So I just want to share the idea, how we worked on the shirt configurator. So, the idea is to divide the elements in several parts. And you should keep those in hierarchy; like for this Zip configurator, base would be that fabric (tape), on top of that would be the chain and on top of that would be the puller.

Let’s say, these three are the main components which needs configuration. So create images for these three separately and for all the variations. Images of tapes will have tape only and similarly images of chains will have chains only.

So now you develop a configurator, in a way when tape option is updated image of tape will only change. and when chain color is updated image of chain will only change.

This way, you won’t have to have images of all the final version, you only need variations of each components.

I don’t think I’ve to tell you but, images should be of same size and elements has to properly align when placing on top of each other.

Also because of some limitations in Webflow, this should be quite impossible to develop/maintain in Webflow. So best option would be to develop externally.