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How to create a calendar Availibility? look to

Please can you tell me how to make a calender like this? Flexbox/CSS grid … with extern-datatable from Airtable to CMS collection of Webflow by ?

a calendar the way : I want to integrate a calendar from
There is also a second webpage but not yet possible to reach on webflow:
Look to the page:

this is a gif of the system I want to make

More information a the agency:
but they don’t talk about the website…

Please check it out… and give me help

  • how to update each ‘availability’
  • how to update each year all the day’s ‘manually?’
  • how to create a CMS linked to a spreadsheet?
  • how to view availibility: red/green background?

This is my post about the project ‘rent a house’


preview project:

Note: I found a workaround : via
but I want my own system… and not

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