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How to create a badge?

Hello there,

I want to create a custom badge (similar to the made with Webflow badge on unhosted sites) - but for a current announcement.

I thought, I had come up with a way of doing it, but I noticed that it stops the site from working properly:

I created a channel for the badge (see image), so it stays where I want it to on the site. And then added a wrapper into that channel for which I used “sticky position”.

However, the channel ruins the site, because you can’t click on buttons and links underneath/behind it anymore. I tried giving the channel a lower Z-Index, so it’s “behind” buttons - but then the badge is behind these buttons and items too, which doesn’t look good.

Would appreciate your help!

See share link for reference:

Use this setting (top: 90% is “weird” setting - use 20px for example).
Also fixed its better her ( fixed to the viewport).


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Thanks!! :slight_smile: I knew there was a stupidly simple solution to this.