How to create 2 pages , page 2 must update page one with info


I am trying to make 2 pages. 1st page must show for example number of beds available as text and next to it a dynamic box that updates with 1, 4,6, etc on the second page is where I would like to add that info and page 1 must update

can anyone assist me ?

Probably a solution suing Symbols but I have hard time tp picture your project with only your description of it. COuld you make a little drawing prototype and I’ll point you to the right structure to use?

There are only a few way of doing this.

A process where you update a value on screen 2

1: into a database / file, or
2: as a symbol in Webflow

and that value is displayed on screen 1.

To do this:

It really depends on how much time, energy, and money you want - and are able to put into performing the task.

This is what you would need to do:

Write a small PHP script to capture a value from screen 2 and write that value to

  • a MySQL database, or to
  • an XML file.

Another script would then read the value from the

  • MySQL database, or from
  • an XML file

every time a viewer see’s screen 1.

Technologies Required:

You need to know

  • PHP, and (SQL or XML) (or hire someone who does) and
  • you need to self-host as the application would need to be exported and served from your own server.

However, the upcoming / not yet released Webflow CMS feature be may be able to accomplish this for you.

As a Application Developer… I can say this task is not difficult. It’s actually pretty easy. On a scale of difficulty ranging from 1 to 10… this is less than a 1.

If I instead put on my Designer only hat… and assume that I know nothing about PHP, SQL, XML, Hosting, Domain Names and list of other technologies - I may say this “basic developer task” is beyond the reach of most people. But it is learnable over time.

As an Application Developer and Designer… this task is simple. But if you don’t know the technologies… you’ve got to hire someone - and that’s where the money comes in.

The method that @vincent stated… could actually work. It’s kind of a “work-around”… but again - it could actually work.

It would involve these steps:

  1. Screen 1 displays a symbol.
  2. Screen 2 is where you change the symbol.
  3. Use Webflow to update the value of the symbol in Screen 2 whenever you need the value to change.
  4. Publish the newly changed site.
  5. Every time a viewer visits your site… they see the value of the symbol.

Obviously, this would not display “real-time”…

But it completely eliminate the money, PHP, SQL, XML, self-hosting. … basically the technologies required to make the displayed value “real-time”.

Hope this helps.

What exactly are symbols ? I’ve seen that box but afraid to touch as I am still learning webflow.

You select an element, that can contain a whole hiearchy of elements, and turn it into a symbol. From there, you can place this symbol on any page. So the symbol appears green. Double click it to edit the content. You can edit it from wherever you see it, on any page. Any change you make will be applied to all the occurences of the symbol.

Typically, you’ll make your navbar a symbol, so any addition or change in links will be applied to the whole site.

You can also use symbol to sync some pieces of datas like you seem to describe.

You can also use symbol to easily access some elements that are going to be hidden by an interaction, also.

Don’t be afraid :wink:

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