How to count post views using google analytics

Today, I was given a job to figure out how to collect webflow post views using Google Analytics. I create a list of posts using CMS data and every time a user clicks on an article a popup opens instead of going to a new page.
So how can google analytics calculate the number of views of each article, to know which article has the most views.

You can use GTM to track the clicks that open your popups, and register that as a post view event in GA4.

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I am very grateful for your instructions but I have a question that my projects are created with CMS data, and when clicking on a project it simply opens the popup right at the home page, not open a new URL.

You may be confusing GA and GTM. It used to be that analytics tracked page views, but now with GA4, a page view is just a type of event. So is a purchase, or a booking, or a phone call, or anything else you want.

GTM is the mechanism you use to control how events are captured in your website, and what data is passed to GA. It doesn’t care about page views at all, just events.

In this case, you’re just tracking the click that opens the pop-up.

It will take you a little bit of research to setup properly, but it’s not particularly complex.

If you’re in need of help implementing this you can PM me ( click on my name above ) and I can send you my rates. This type of work is pretty quick to complete once I have access to your site, GTM and GA setups.