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How To Correct Domain Name

I’ve attached (pointed domain to Webflow server) a custom domain name to my site. When I type the custom domain into the web browser the website appears. When I checked the the live pages all are fine except the “Events” page. When I click on that page, the domain changes in the browser to the .webflow extension domain. After that all the pages will then show the .webflow extension in the browser instead of the custom domain name. This happens in both Chrome and IE browsers.Site_Domain

How do I resolve this problem? I need step by step instructions.

Thanks in advance.


If you provide a share link, I can do a full debug for you to find the issue. My best guess is that this may be an issue with the ‘events’ navigation button. Double check that the button is going to the correct url in the settings tab.

If you provide a share link, I could give a step by step!

Thank you for your assistance! Below is the link:

Thanks again!!

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J. Carroll


And what is the custom domain you’re using at the moment?

Thanks JSW for your assistance. Tech support resolved the issue yesterday.

Thanks again for your efforts, it is greatly appreciated. Do enjoy the rest of your day.

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