How to copy webflow components stored as json and paste inside designer

Hello, fellow webflowers, I am looking for a solution that would be similar to what Relume and Flowbase are doing, basically an option to copy webflow components store them elsewhere and then fetch that JSON in order to get the element that can be pasted in a new website. I have explored so many options and created multiple solutions that were almost right. So I am interested if anyone has any ideas or has been exploring this idea and is open to sharing.

Hey @stefan-nube, I haven’t tried this out yet but just found @Luka_Mlakar’s post that outlines the full process!

Hey, @blakelam thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I am familiar with the solution but it’s mostly useless as it only works for one component per page. I also tried readjusting it so it works dynamically and got so close but I still miss a final piece.