How to convert uploaded file into custom style?


I made a custom audio player with html, css and javascript. The goal is for a user to upload an audiofile and get a beautiful little player widget back that they can embed on their blog.

With Webflow, what do I need to do to let users upload an audio file, and then receive a unique page and URL that hold the converted audiofile in my custom audioplayer?

After that, they should be able to embed it on their site.

I’m a little stuck at this point and would love to hear how you’d proceed!

Thank you

Ps. I recorded a video explaining my problem:

Webflow doesn’t directly support this kind of thing. You’d have to sort of set up a file upload for a form, have that file go through zapier and inserted into a collection and then you’d have the file but getting that to work with your player/having it instantly probably won’t be possible in Webflow without serious custom development.

@DFink Hi Dave! Thanks for your answer!

Webflow also offers a database + storage in the pro plan. Can’t I just directly link the audio file from there into the player?

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Hi @Pierstein, as @DFink mentioned, Webflow doesnt have that direct correlation. You would still need to add major custom code to get what you are trying to do to work. But to answer your question yes Webflow on their Pro plan does allow you to Upload files, images and videos. Just not in the manner you are thinking.

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@QA_Brandon, thanks for elaborating!

Major custom code sounds intimidating. If you could let me know some coding concepts / topics I can research on Google and Youtube to make it work I’d be highly grateful!! Little stuck from here!

@Pierstein, to be honest not really sure where to direct you myself from here. Thats even beyond my knowledge.

@webdev @cyberdave do you guys have any suggestions?

In my opinion Webflow is not a good fit for this type of project. You will need to build a custom web application if you can’t find a pre-built solution. There are too many possibilities to just answer your question about what to use without having a functional specification. Things like user management, billing if needed, who is paying for data usage, are things that would drive development choices regarding platforms or technologies.

If your serious, create a business requirements document. You could search for products that might meet your requirements. I don’t even entertain projects without one. Then you could get help creating a spec.

You have not indicated if you have any development experience, and if so with what. So hard point you to anything specific.

You might look at to just get a feel for what you might be up against and whether it is worth it.

– Cheers