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How to convert style settings from mobile to another device

We have trouble on using Webflow.

As our site is mobile first, we designed website for mobile, it means we focus and choose mobile icons when we design.
After we finished to design, we found CSS was not enabled for another device except mobile.
(After this operation, we found we should design on PC type at first.)

My question is …
do you have any way to repair this problem?
We want to enable CSS for mobile to another device.

Hi @junminya

Are you exporting the site code?

Hi, Sabanna

I’ve tried to export and I’ve found the problem of source code.
But now Webflow doesn’t have “import function”.

So if we continuously use to modify design on Webflow, we have to re-design on Webflow focus to PC mode.
It’s ok way, but if you know more smart way to convert or copy style setting from mobile to PC,
please tell us.

Unfortunately, I don’t think you are gonna find easy solution :confused:

You may try to add the same settings on the desktop view as the class has on mobile.

For example, imagine you have a div with class “column”, which has a width=50% on mobile. Switch to desktop view and set the same settings, width=50%.

But even then, Webflow uses cascading styles from desktop to mobile and mediaquery based on device max-width , not min-width.

Can just imagine your frustration, sorry :confused:

Hi @junminya, thanks for the post. I am a little confused what the goal is. What do you mean by “we found CSS was not enabled for another device except mobile.”

The CSS generated in Webflow is valid for all viewports. Could you help to clarify what the goal or objective is, and then share the read-only link to the site in Webflow?

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