How to convert blog into AMP blog?

I am trying to implement AMP for my blog, have anyone done it and how to do it?

All the resources I have found are always only for Wordpress.

AMP is not possible with Webflow at this time.

I see. Do update us when it’s made available.

It’s good for mobile first indexing.

Follow announcements from Webflow. I am not staff, just a user :slight_smile:

Awesome~ :blush: @webdev would you know how to dynamically put in code to the CMS header?

I create a plain text field and wrote some script code. But when it gets into the <head>, all the " became ;quot. :frowning:

The easiest way it to use a CMS RTE field as the element that holds the embed. You can embed code in a RTF. It does not get escaped.

The other alternative is to parse the escaped code with custom code. See