How to control how much a slider carousel moves

Hi Webflow community,

Im new to webflow and its my first time posting here.

I have a question regarding a slider layout im trying to build, in the slider I would like to show 3 cards that are 30px apart. The cards are 286px in width.

I have the layout of the section how I like but what I can’t work out is how to control how much the slider moves, so that each time the slider arrow is clicked it only moves enough so that the next card would take the previous cards position. So in otherwords how I get it to move 306px each time the arrow is clicked.

Is this achievable?


You can’t do this with the built in slider as far as I know. You’d have to use custom code for this or use a 3rd party embedded slider. But you’d be on your own unless someone in the custom code section of the forum can help.

ok no probs @DFink , thanks for taking a look for me, i’ll come up with a different layout. Thanks!

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