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How to connect a Webflow Form to an EC2 instance?

I have a Webflow form and I want to send the submitted data to my EC2 instance. Which has a PHP cUrl API request which will send it to an external database.

I am not sure how to connect them so that when the form is submitted by the user it will then interact with my EC2 instance.

Let me know if you need more information.

You would do the same as you would with any form, hosted anywhere, by specifying the from action pointing to your application URI and setting the correct method expected. It’s just a form submitted somewhere else.

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Hi @webdev

Thank you for the reply!

I changed my action to the EC2 application URL and set the method to POST.
This is my demo form:

But when I fill in the inputs and submit them. I get this warning?

Also, it redirects to the EC2 Page if I click “Send Anyway” which I do not want.

I am wondering if there is anything I am missing to make this more secure.

If you are serving pages via HTTPS now (Webflow) then you need to also use HTTPS for the script. As for the redirect on submit, that you should control via your script. If you don’t want a redirect then you would need to support submitting via AJAX. If this is new to you I suggest reaching out to a developer who can assist with clean secure code.

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