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How to connect 3rd party contact and newsletter forms tools with Webflow?


I just stumbled on the contact form in Webflow and saw I have 3 unaswered questions. To answer them I have to copy question and email to my email provider (protonmail and private domain) and from there send the answer. Not a optimal way to work I guess. I am therefore looking into a more sustainble solution. I am startup so need free tools to begin with. I have about 35 on the webflow newsletter list.

Hubspot looks ok because they both have a way to answer questions been submitted, create newsletters and also have a chat for free, but I don’t understand how to easy connect Hubspot with existing forms in webflow. Hubspot customer support sent this article

I have tried to connect Mailchimp with Webflow with POST and URL and it was pretty easy, but Mailchimp seams to only have newsletter and not a way to connect contact form to their inbox what I know so far. Also don’t see they have chat functionality, which is a nice bonus.

What is your recommendation? Use Hubspot? If so, how? Use Mailchimp, if so how (regarding the contact form)? Other tools?

Thanks :slight_smile: