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How to configure Webflow For A Custom Sub-domain only

I want to setup a sub-domain, without needing to point my entire domain to Web-flow. I just want be able to generate a simple landing pages, for a special events.

I have configured the CNAME, and when I check it, in Webflow, it says it’s configured, but when I attempt to access it, I get 404. Perhaps I need to give it more time?

Do I need to set the A record for it to work? If so, how to do that, without point @ to webflow?

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I can’t see any reason why the setup you’ve mentioned won’t work. Depending on what the TTL of the DNS record is set to, it is possible you simply need to wait for the old record to expire in order to see the published content.

If you post (or PM me) the custom domain I can double check that it is setup correctly.

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