How to Conditional visibility CMS

hi there.

I am working on a Dashboard
I need each employee who registers their own client to be able to see their clients in the dashboard.
i have 2 CMS one “Employee” and " Clients", so, in the “EMPLOYEE template” i doing the dashboard, so in the “Clients Area” i put a collections list connecting Clients CMS.

The problem is:
If i change between all employees , in “area clients” appears all clients from all employees, and i need to put a conditional visibility to each employee just can see his own clients.

Hi @Amaranto_Motors,

Would you be able to provide us with a Read-only link to your website?

For example, on the Employees CMS template you could have a collection list of All Clients and then set a filter in Collection List settings > Filter: Employee equals Current Employee.

Difficult to say without seeing the structure within read-only - hope this helps!

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hi @mww
thanks for answering. finally,I was able to solve the problem. i have done with WIZED, but your answer is really good, i will try it next time.

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