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How to completely avoid downtime of during the migration to Webflow?

I have a revamped enterprise site going to be published.

The process I know is to change the DNS records of the domain and click “Publish”.

However, that will cause a short period of downtime, and even have a risk of longer downtime if there are any problems in publishing.

Is there a way to avoid?


It’s really a bit stressful.

First, When you connect a webflow domain you have an indication if everything is OK (Do not publish a site with errors).

Anyway, you must keep the old and new (webflow) sites until everything works properly (Remember to add 301).

Next, you could do the migration “publish” at the lowest traffic hours.

---- related:
If this is the first time you are moving a domain it might be worth using someone (if it is a site with a lot of traffic).

One more idea is to buy a very “ugly/cheap” domain on GoDaddy (1$ for a year and disable auto renew after 1 year) for the tests.