How to combine multiple vimeo links from multiple pages

Hello Everyone

I am trying to combine a selection of vimeo links into one page but from many different post in my CMS library. Is there a way to do this?

Currently I can only select all my videos for a category one page but I want to see all the videos for each cms entry on one page as at the moment i can only select one articles page and show what videos are in that article but i want many videos from many articles not just the background image in a list that then needs to click into to see just the vidoes in that artice.

Hope this makes sense.

so for example you can see a whole bunch of films related to social iin this page.
But all the images are links to a template page that then shows the many videos related to each of these jobs.

I want to see all the videos from all the jobs in one page and ideally be able to fine tune this selection as well if possible.

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