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How to CMS dynamically serve Facebook and Instagram follow buttons

Got a Blog collection and Authors collection.

Some Authors have FB
Some Author have IG
Some Authors don’t have FB/IG

IF author has FB, currently serving “Stalk me on Facebook.” filter.
IF FB is blank text block is hidden.

How to configure rule to display text block “Stalk me on Facebook and follow me on Instagram!” ONLY if FB AND IG are not blank.

I want to do this without making additional modifications to CMS fields.

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Just have a text field and then filter it to the fb and ig fields


one text field with filter does not work.

I just found a way to do this, was to make 3 seperate text fields in 2 blocks with SHOW HIDE RULES to make this work.

Block 1 Text Field 1 = Follow FB
Block 1 Text Field 2 = Follow IG
Block 2 Text Field 3 = Follow FB and IG

Basicially I have to make a total of 16 filters (4x filters for each object)

Filter 1 = If FB is visble AND if IG is blank > Display Block 1 AND Display Text 1 AND HIDE TEXT 2
Filter 2 = If FB is visble AND if IG is blank > Display Block 1 AND hide Text 1 AND display text 2
Filter 3 = IF FB is visible AND IF IG is visible > Diaplay Block 2 AND Hide Block 1
Filter 4 = IF FB is blank AND IG is blank > Hide BLOCK 1 AND HIDE BLOCK 2

What is the logic to accomplish this with 3 or fewer filters?

Please add your share link and live link?

Id like to see how you have it currently?