How to clean-up unused classes


i have just built our navigation new and made it lighter. i defined new classes and now i will delete the old classes. I checked all Nav items many times and all is correct. the new navbar uses the new classes. how can i find classes which are seemingly used?

There’s a very handy Clean up link in the style manager. Click on it, review the list, and click on the delete button on the bottom.


yes i’ve done this, but it doesnt work for all old classes. hm. today at my other workplace i can delete it. it seems that was a cache problem. Thanks Vincent.

I used to click at least three times on the link to clean all unused classes, and the last two times it was finding a few extra unused classes… But as I checked again for you, it got all unused classed in one cleaning. Maybe they changed/improved something.

You’re welcome.

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