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How to clean anchor links(sections)

Dear Webflow community,
I have one question, I created several anchor links for my page and I made them messy and I want to delete some anchor links(sections).
Is there any way to do it?

Hi, @eugene, do you mean you want to just delete the sections, or delete the anchor links? To delete the anchor links, just select your Nav Link that is currently pointed at a section, then go into the Settings panel in the designer UI and change the link from the Section to a URL. Just type in a hashsymbol “#” (without the quotes) as the url. Voila your anchor links are gone… repeat process for each link you want to update.

If you want to delete the sections, just select the section and delete, but beware, if you delete a section, anything inside that section get deleted also.

Let me know if that was not what you mean’t, and if so, could you clarify what you want to do? Cheers Dave