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How to check if Github javascript is running properly before implementing in webflow

Hello super coders,

i am new to using javascript plugins from Github .before usig the javascript code in my webflow website I want to see if it runs well. How to do this? - i want to use this javascript code.

Please help. its urgent.

I tried to copy the html and js code in notepad file. and tried to run the html file. but its not working :frowning:


You can always test it on a trial/sample/new project first.

How to embed files hosted on Github

@samliew . . . thank you for your quick reply.

I am sorry but i didn’t understand "trial/sample/new project " ?
can you please elaborate?

Also, how do i use this code to embed in my webflow page?

Create a blank project to “check if Github javascript is running properly”, by using the steps described in my tutorial.

Please try something first, like my tutorial + the documentation on the third-party plugin page.

After you have tried something and didn’t manage to get it working, this is how you can ask for further help here.