How to change the name of the website

Hi. I’m trying to change the Figaro HTML website template and the rest as you can see in the photo below. Any advice how ?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

I did change the SEO settings but i still have a problem

Hi @Andrianamv,
Please include your site’s Read-Only Share Link.
A read-only link allows the community to view your project without making any edits to it and help diagnose your issue or provide feedback.

This is my read only link
I would be really greatful if you could help me out

Thanks for sharing the project. I can’t visit your published site since it was password protected. Now what problem are you still trying to address?

I made it public again so you can take a look.
I’m having those problems :

  1. Can’t change the name of my website
  2. I have the same setting in some div block but they behave differently

Have you published the site since making changes?

Yes multiple times but there is no difference

@Andrianamv, you can change the name in the project settings under General:

Hi @sam-g I did that too but I have the same problem

@Andrianamv - Okay, can you unlock the site so I can see the page? I’m guessing it’s the page title or meta description, potentially cached on your end. I think you’ve updated all the correct settings.

I think I made it public again.

@Andrianamv - I’m still not able to access it.

I did it agian … i think now you will

I’m still not able to access it, you have to republish if you turned off the password. It’s also possible you have it password protected in site settings (along with individual pages).

Im sorry … What about now ?

Looks good on my end, don’t see any mentions of Figaro anywhere in the text or in the code itself:


I’m guessing it’s just cached on your end. You can always open in an incognito window and check.

The thing is that when I copy and paste the link this is hat happens

@Andrianamv - where are you pasting the link? What is generating that little preview?

On Instagram or Facebook… wherever