How to change the background color of the Booster template footer

I’m using the Booster template in Webflow and have a question I really hope someone can help with.

In the template, the background color of the footer is set to transparent but it is in fact two colors; blue at the bottom and white at the top. I want to change just the blue at the bottom, however, I can’t see where the blue color is defined, to be able to change it.

The "footer title wrapper” is centered on top of the footer so the bottom of the footer is blue and the top is white. When I change the background color of the footer, the whole thing changes color and it loses it’s “color-block” appearance.

I hope my explanation makes sense and would be grateful if anyone can help. I have emailed the template support twice, but they haven’t responded.

This the preview of the booster template along with my site specific links below.

My site read-only link: Webflow - UEBIZ

live site’s Published link:

Hi @SharonD,

I don’t know if you’re talking about the dark or light blue color, but I found where the color is set for both. See the images below.



Hope this helps!

Got it now. Thank you.

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